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Capital increase 2021

In this section, investors can find all the information related to the 2021 Capital Increase Operation of Safetech Innovations S.A., approved through EGSM Decision dated 19.07.2021. According to EGSM resolution, the Company will increase the share capital with the amount of 200.000 RON, by issuing a maximum number of 1.000.000 new shares, each with a nominal value of 0,2 RON / share. The capital increase operation will be organized in two stages, between 12.11.2021 and 02.02.2022.
First stage is subscription based on preference rights, second is the private placement. The detailed timeline of the operation is presented below:

Event Date
Trading of preference rights SAFER01 12.11.2021 – 25.11.2021
Stage 1: subscriptions based on preference rights 06.12.2021 – 05.01.2022
Stage 2: private placement for the shares remained unsubscribed after Stage 1 19.01.2022 – 02.02.2022*, with the option of a pre-closing

In the first stage, the investors will be able to purchase newly issued shares based on the number of preference rights. The price per share on which the holders of the preference rights will be able to subscribe (“Stage 1”) has been established at 10,4171 lei/share. The price per share includes the share nominal value (0.2 lei) and the issue premium (10,2171 lei). To subscribe a new share, 15,625 preference rights are required, with rounding off to the nearest inferior natural number. Prior to the subscription period, the preference rights will be traded on the SMT market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the period mentioned above. The period of exercising the preference rights will be 31 days from the date set out in the prospectus approved by the SFA (ASF).

The newly issued shares, remained unsubscribed at the stage of exercising the preference rights, will be offered to a maximum number of 149 investors (“Stage 2”) at a price of 10,9380 lei/share. The price per share includes the share nominal value (0,2 lei) and the issue premium (10,7380 lei). The price was calculated as 105% of the price established for Stage 1 of the share capital increase mentioned herein above. Stage 2 will start on the 10th business day calculated from the end of Stage 1 and will take place during 10 business days, with the possibility of early closure by decision of the Sole director of the Company. If you are interested to participate in the private placement for SAFE new shares, please contact our intermediary for this transaction – SSIF Goldring or email us at [email protected]

The period of exercising the preferential rights will be 31 days, starting from the fifth working day after the end of the trading period of the preferential rights, respectively between 06.12.2021 and 05.01.2022.
The subscription within the offer will be made between 9:30 -17.30 of each working day, except for the last working day when the subscription program is 9.00-13.00.

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Contact for investors

For any questions related to the work of Safetech Innovations, our capital market plans, as well as investor relations, please contact the investor relations team at:

IR Officer: Zuzanna Kurek

+40 754 908 742

We will contact you as soon as possible. For updated information on the price of #SAFE shares, you can visit our profile on the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.