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In the current, complex and dynamic context of cyber security, collaboration with partners is of strategic importance for Safetech Innovations.
This section presents our partnerships for integrated solutions and provides information to reseller companies of Safetech’ proprietary products and of third-party products distributed by Safetech.

Technology partners


Bitdefender is a globally Bitdefender is a globally recognized cybersecurity company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to protect individuals and businesses against various online threats. With a strong emphasis on innovation and advanced technologies, Bitdefender offers a range of security products and services designed to safeguard against malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other cyber risks.

Bitdefender’s flagship product is its antivirus software, which delivers robust protection against malware and viruses. The software utilizes advanced detection algorithms and real-time threat intelligence to identify and block malicious files and suspicious activities. Bitdefender’s antivirus solutions are known for their high detection rates and low system impact, ensuring that users can enjoy a secure and uninterrupted digital experience.

In addition to its antivirus software, Bitdefender offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions tailored for businesses. This includes endpoint security, network security, and cloud security solutions. Bitdefender’s business products provide comprehensive protection for endpoints, servers, and networks, employing advanced technologies like machine learning and behavior-based detection to defend against both known and emerging threats. The company also offers centralized management consoles and reporting tools to facilitate efficient security administration and monitoring.

Furthermore, Bitdefender has expanded its portfolio to include specialized security solutions for specific industries and use cases, such as healthcare, financial services, and virtualized environments. These industry-specific solutions address unique security challenges and compliance requirements, helping organizations in various sectors maintain a robust security posture.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Bitdefender empowers individuals and businesses to protect themselves against a wide range of cyber threats, ensuring a safe and secure online experience. With its industry-specific offerings and commitment to innovation, Bitdefender remains at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape.

Check Point 

Check Point Software Technologies is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions known for its comprehensive and advanced security products. With a focus on preventing cyber threats, Check Point offers a wide range of solutions that cater to the security needs of organizations across various industries.

One of Check Point’s core offerings is its Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), which provides advanced network security capabilities. Check Point’s NGFW combines traditional firewall functionality with additional features such as intrusion prevention, application control, and user awareness. This integrated approach enables organizations to secure their networks, control application usage, and prevent unauthorized access and malicious activities.

Check Point also offers a suite of advanced threat prevention solutions, including SandBlast, which provides protection against targeted and zero-day attacks. SandBlast leverages advanced technologies such as sandboxing, threat emulation, and threat extraction to detect and block sophisticated threats before they can cause harm. This proactive approach to threat prevention helps organizations stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and minimize the risk of data breaches and system compromises.

Additionally, Check Point offers comprehensive security management solutions that enable centralized control and monitoring of security policies across the network. These management tools provide organizations with visibility into their security posture, simplify security administration, and facilitate effective incident response. Check Point’s security management solutions help organizations streamline their security operations and ensure consistent enforcement of security policies.

By leveraging Check Point’s expertise and innovative technologies, businesses can enhance their cybersecurity posture and mitigate risks in today’s evolving threat landscape.


Cloudflare is a leading provider of cloud-based services that enhance the security, performance, and reliability of websites and internet applications. The company operates a global network of data centers strategically located across the world, enabling it to deliver content and mitigate online threats closer to end users.

One of Cloudflare’s primary offerings is its Content Delivery Network (CDN). By caching and delivering website content from servers located geographically closer to end users, Cloudflare’s CDN reduces latency and improves website loading speeds. In addition, Cloudflare’s CDN provides a layer of security by filtering out malicious traffic and protecting against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) analyzes and filters incoming web traffic to block potential threats, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks.

Moreover, Cloudflare provides DNS services designed to improve the performance, security, and privacy of domain name resolution. By leveraging its extensive network infrastructure, Cloudflare’s DNS service helps reduce DNS lookup times, enhancing website performance. It also includes security features like DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) to protect against DNS hijacking and other attacks. Additionally, Cloudflare’s DNS service supports privacy-focused initiatives, such as DNS over HTTPS (DoH), ensuring that users’ DNS queries are encrypted and secure.

Cloudflare’s global CDN, security services, and DNS solutions empowers businesses to deliver content faster, defend against cyber threats, and provide a better user experience. By leveraging Cloudflare’s services, organizations can enhance their online presence, protect their digital assets, and ensure their websites and applications are fast, secure, and highly available.


Corero is a cybersecurity company that specializes in providing real-time, automatic DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection solutions. DDoS attacks aim to overwhelm and disrupt online services by flooding them with a massive volume of illegitimate traffic. Corero’s advanced DDoS mitigation solutions help organizations detect and block these attacks, ensuring uninterrupted availability and performance of their network infrastructure.

Corero’s DDoS protection solutions leverage intelligent traffic analysis and anomaly detection techniques to identify and mitigate DDoS attacks in real-time. By continuously monitoring network traffic and applying behavioral analysis, Corero’s solutions can differentiate between legitimate and malicious traffic, allowing organizations to maintain their online services even during the most intense DDoS attacks. Corero’s solutions also provide comprehensive reporting and analytics, enabling organizations to gain insights into attack trends and patterns, and make informed decisions to further enhance their defense strategies.

In addition to DDoS protection, Corero offers solutions to address other network security challenges. Their network security appliances provide traffic visibility, threat detection, and protection against other types of cyber threats such as botnets, malware, and zero-day attacks. By incorporating a range of security features, including deep packet inspection, rate limiting, and network behavior analysis, Corero’s solutions help organizations safeguard their network infrastructure from a variety of security risks.

Corero’s solutions provide enhanced visibility, threat detection, and protection against various cyber threats, allowing organizations to maintain a secure and resilient network infrastructure.


CyberArk is a leading cybersecurity company that specializes in privileged access management (PAM) solutions. Privileged accounts, such as administrative and root accounts, hold extensive access rights within an organization’s IT infrastructure and are often targeted by attackers. CyberArk’s PAM solutions help organizations secure and manage privileged accounts, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

One of CyberArk’s core offerings is its Privileged Access Security (PAS) platform, which provides comprehensive PAM capabilities. The platform enables organizations to securely store, manage, and monitor privileged credentials, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access critical systems and sensitive data. CyberArk’s PAS solutions enforce strong access controls, password rotation policies, and session isolation, reducing the risk of credential theft and misuse.

CyberArk also offers solutions to protect and secure privileged access in cloud environments. With the increasing adoption of cloud services, managing and securing privileged accounts in cloud infrastructures has become crucial. CyberArk’s cloud PAM solutions help organizations extend their privileged access management practices to cloud environments, ensuring consistent security across hybrid IT environments.

Furthermore, CyberArk provides advanced threat detection and analytics capabilities to identify and respond to potential security incidents. The solutions monitor privileged account activity, detect suspicious behavior, and provide real-time alerts for potential threats or policy violations. By leveraging machine learning and behavioral analytics, CyberArk helps organizations identify and mitigate insider threats, credential-based attacks, and other malicious activities.

Through its Privileged Access Security platform and cloud PAM solutions, CyberArk enables organizations to enforce strong access controls, monitor privileged account activity, and detect potential threats.


Nextgen Software is an agile European technology company that delivers innovative cybersecurity software solutions based on more than 15 years of worldwide experience in successful implementations with both government and enterprise sectors. Its next generation SIEM solution, CyberQuest, ensure full visibility, compliance to international standards and regulations and powerful analytics that keep your company safe and strong.

CyberQuest next generation SIEM offers one single view over all events, data correlation, powerful analytics, multiple technology data collection and quick time to value. The platform provides automation, operational intelligence and machine learning.

CyberQuest offers full insight into the entire IT infrastructure within an organization, giving control and visibility across all platforms, processes and users on that infrastructure. It is a fast and efficient platform for IT security investigation, with advanced capabilities for monitoring and investigating IT incidents in a highly intuitive graphic environment, with run-time analytics and fast returning reports, essential in real-time combating of fraudulent activities on National Critical Infrastructure and enterprise environments, across industries varying from cyber defense to telco, healthcare, banking or insurance.


Cynet is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that combines advanced threat detection, incident response, and remediation capabilities into a single solution. Designed to provide organizations with comprehensive protection against cyber threats, Cynet’s platform integrates multiple security technologies to deliver a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

At its core, Cynet offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities. By leveraging a combination of signature-based detection, behavioral analysis, and machine learning, Cynet can identify and respond to both known and unknown threats in real-time. The platform continuously monitors network traffic, endpoints, and user behavior to detect and block malicious activities, such as malware infections, suspicious network connections, and unauthorized access attempts.

In addition to threat detection, Cynet provides incident response and remediation features. The platform enables security teams to investigate and respond to security incidents effectively. It provides real-time alerts, detailed forensic analysis, and actionable insights to aid in the identification and containment of threats. Cynet also offers automated remediation capabilities, allowing security teams to rapidly respond and mitigate the impact of security incidents.

Furthermore, Cynet’s platform includes additional security features such as vulnerability management, deception technology, and network security controls. These components enhance the overall security posture of organizations by proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, deceiving and confusing attackers, and applying network segmentation and access controls to limit the lateral movement of threats within the network.

By offering a unified and holistic approach to cybersecurity, Cynet empowers organizations to detect, respond, and mitigate security incidents effectively, helping them maintain a strong security posture in the face of evolving cyber threats.


Darktrace is a leading cybersecurity company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based threat detection and response. Darktrace’s flagship product is its Enterprise Immune System, which utilizes AI algorithms to autonomously detect and respond to emerging cyber threats across diverse environments.

The core technology behind Darktrace is the concept of “self-learning AI”. Darktrace’s system continuously learns and adapts to the evolving network and user behaviors within an organization. It establishes a baseline of normal activity and detects anomalous behavior that may indicate potential threats, such as insider threats, malware infections, or sophisticated cyber attacks.

Darktrace’s AI-driven platform provides real-time visibility across an organization’s network, including cloud, IoT, and traditional IT environments. It analyzes vast amounts of data and network traffic, identifying patterns and anomalies that human operators may miss. This proactive approach to threat detection allows organizations to respond swiftly to emerging threats, reducing the time to identify and mitigate cyber attacks.

In addition to threat detection, Darktrace also offers autonomous response capabilities. By leveraging AI, Darktrace’s platform can autonomously respond to detected threats by mitigating and neutralizing them in real-time. This includes automated actions such as isolating infected devices, blocking suspicious network connections, or quarantining malicious files, reducing the potential impact of cyber threats.

By combining machine learning, behavioral analysis, and autonomous response capabilities, Darktrace helps organizations stay one step ahead of sophisticated cyber attacks, protecting their critical assets and preserving the integrity of their networks and data.


Fidelis Cybersecurity is a trusted provider of advanced threat detection and response solutions. The company focuses on helping organizations effectively detect, investigate, and mitigate cyber threats to protect their critical assets and sensitive data.

Fidelis offers a comprehensive cybersecurity platform known as Fidelis Elevate. This platform integrates network traffic analysis, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and deception technologies to provide organizations with full visibility into their networks and endpoints. By analyzing network traffic and endpoint activities in real-time, Fidelis Elevate can identify and respond to advanced threats, including zero-day attacks, insider threats, and targeted malware.

One of the key strengths of Fidelis lies in its threat intelligence capabilities. The Fidelis Threat Research Team constantly monitors global threat landscapes and provides up-to-date intelligence to the Fidelis Elevate platform. This intelligence is combined with machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect and block sophisticated threats effectively. Fidelis Elevate also supports proactive threat hunting, empowering security teams to search for and investigate potential threats within their networks.

Furthermore, Fidelis offers incident response services to help organizations effectively manage and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Their experienced incident response team provides rapid response and remediation support, helping organizations minimize the impact of breaches and restore their systems to a secure state.

With its integrated network traffic analysis, endpoint detection and response, and threat intelligence capabilities, Fidelis empowers organizations to proactively detect and respond to cyber threats.


Graylog is an open-source platform that provides a centralized and scalable solution for managing log files, facilitating the detection of security incidents, troubleshooting issues, and gaining insights into system performance.

At the core of Graylog is its powerful log aggregation and search capabilities. It can collect logs from diverse sources such as servers, applications, network devices, and security appliances. The collected log data is stored in a scalable and indexed format, allowing for fast and efficient search and analysis. Graylog’s search functionality includes advanced filtering, keyword search, and the ability to create custom dashboards and visualizations to facilitate log analysis.

Graylog also offers powerful alerting and notification features. It allows users to define alert conditions based on log events, such as specific error messages, security incidents, or system performance thresholds. When triggered, alerts can be sent via various channels such as email, Slack, or other communication platforms, ensuring that critical events are promptly communicated to the appropriate stakeholders.

Furthermore, Graylog provides extensibility and integration capabilities. It supports plugins and integrations with other tools and systems, enabling seamless integration into existing IT environments. This allows organizations to leverage additional functionalities, such as threat intelligence feeds, SIEM integration, or custom data enrichment, to enhance their log analysis capabilities.

With its scalable architecture, powerful search functionality, and alerting capabilities, Graylog enables organizations to efficiently manage and analyze log data, gaining insights into system performance, troubleshooting issues, and detecting security incidents.


HID Global is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions that help organizations enhance security, improve efficiency, and simplify identity management processes. With a wide range of products and services, HID Global offers comprehensive security solutions for physical and digital identities.

HID Global’s solutions cover various aspects of identity and access management. They provide secure and reliable credential technologies, including smart cards, proximity cards, and mobile credentials, which enable organizations to authenticate and authorize individuals to access physical premises and digital resources securely. These credentials can be seamlessly integrated with access control systems, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.

In addition to credentials, HID Global offers advanced identity verification solutions. Their technologies include biometric systems, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, to accurately authenticate individuals based on their unique physiological characteristics. These solutions enhance security by providing a higher level of assurance in identity verification processes, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

HID Global also provides secure issuance and management of credentials through their identity and access management platform. This platform enables organizations to efficiently issue, manage, and revoke credentials, ensuring that the right individuals have access to the right resources at the right time. It simplifies identity lifecycle management, streamlines workflows, and provides comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities for compliance purposes.

HID Global offers a range of identity and access management solutions that encompass secure credential technologies, biometric authentication, and efficient identity lifecycle management. By leveraging HID Global’s security solutions, organizations can enhance their physical and digital security, streamline identity management processes, and improve overall operational efficiency.


Ivanti is a leading provider of unified endpoint management and security solutions that help organizations protect their digital assets, secure endpoints, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. With a comprehensive suite of security products, Ivanti offers a holistic approach to managing and securing endpoints across diverse environments.

One of Ivanti’s key offerings is their endpoint security solution. It provides organizations with robust protection against a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats. Ivanti’s endpoint security solutions incorporate multiple layers of defense, including antivirus, anti-malware, behavior monitoring, and application control. This multi-faceted approach helps organizations detect and block known and unknown threats, safeguarding endpoints and preventing data breaches.

In addition to endpoint security, Ivanti offers vulnerability management solutions. These solutions help organizations identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, reducing the risk of exploitation by attackers. Ivanti’s vulnerability management solutions provide comprehensive scanning capabilities, prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity, and automate the patching and remediation processes. This enables organizations to proactively address security weaknesses and maintain a robust security posture.

Furthermore, Ivanti provides privileged access management (PAM) solutions to secure privileged accounts and credentials. Their PAM solutions enforce strong access controls, monitor privileged account activity, and facilitate privileged session management. By implementing Ivanti’s PAM solutions, organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to critical systems and privileged information, minimizing the risk of insider threats and unauthorized access.

By leveraging Ivanti’s comprehensive suite of products, organizations can protect their endpoints from a variety of threats, proactively address vulnerabilities, and secure privileged access.


Microsoft offers a wide range of security solutions that help organizations protect their digital assets, secure their environments, and defend against evolving cyber threats.

One of Microsoft’s key security offerings is Microsoft Defender, a unified endpoint security platform that provides advanced threat protection for devices running Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Microsoft Defender employs machine learning, behavior analysis, and cloud-based threat intelligence to detect and respond to a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, and advanced attacks. It offers features such as antivirus protection, real-time threat detection, and automated response capabilities to help organizations safeguard their endpoints.

Microsoft also offers robust cloud security solutions through Azure Security Center. Azure Security Center provides unified security management and threat protection for cloud environments, helping organizations secure their infrastructure, applications, and data hosted in the Azure cloud platform. It offers continuous monitoring, threat detection and advanced analytics to identify potential security risks and provide actionable recommendations for remediation.

Microsoft provides identity and access management solutions through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Azure AD offers secure authentication, single sign-on, and identity protection capabilities for cloud-based applications and resources. It enables organizations to implement strong access controls, enforce multi-factor authentication, and manage user identities and access privileges centrally.

Microsoft Defender for IoT is a comprehensive security solution that provides organizations with enhanced visibility, threat detection and response capabilities to protect operational technology (OT) deployments from cyber threats. It offers real-time monitoring and threat intelligence across a wide range of devices, including industrial equipment, medical devices and smart infrastructure. The solution employs advanced analytics and machine learning to detect anomalies and suspicious behavior, helping organizations detect and mitigate specific threats such as device tampering, unauthorized access, and data breaches. Furthermore, Microsoft Defender for IoT provides organizations with actionable insights and recommendations to improve the security posture of their IoT deployments. It offers security assessments, vulnerability management, and compliance monitoring to ensure that IoT devices are up to date with security patches and configured according to best practices.

One Identity 

One Identity is a leading provider of identity and access management (IAM) solutions that help organizations secure their digital assets, streamline identity management processes, and ensure regulatory compliance. With a comprehensive suite of security products, One Identity offers a holistic approach to managing identities and access across diverse environments.

One Identity’s solutions cover various aspects of IAM, including identity governance, privileged access management (PAM), and Active Directory management. Their identity governance solutions enable organizations to establish and enforce consistent access controls, manage user identities, and monitor user activity to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This helps organizations reduce the risk of unauthorized access and maintain a strong security posture.

One Identity’s PAM solutions focus on securing privileged accounts and credentials. They provide granular control over privileged access, enforce least privilege principles, and offer session monitoring and recording capabilities. By implementing One Identity’s PAM solutions, organizations can mitigate the risk of insider threats, protect critical systems and data, and ensure accountability for privileged actions.

Additionally, One Identity offers solutions for managing and securing Microsoft Active Directory environments. Their Active Directory management solutions help organizations streamline the administration of Active Directory, ensure proper configuration and security settings, and automate routine tasks. This improves operational efficiency, reduces the risk of misconfigurations, and enhances the overall security of the Active Directory infrastructure.

By leveraging One Identity’s comprehensive suite of products, organizations can effectively manage and secure user identities, control access to resources, and enforce compliance with regulatory requirements.

Phriendly Phishing 

Phriendly Phishing is a comprehensive phishing simulation and awareness training platform designed to help organizations educate their employees about phishing threats and improve their cybersecurity awareness. It provides a proactive approach to combating phishing attacks by simulating realistic phishing scenarios and delivering engaging training content to enhance employees’ ability to identify and respond to phishing attempts.

The core functionality of Phriendly Phishing revolves around conducting simulated phishing campaigns. Organizations can create and launch customized phishing campaigns that mimic real-world phishing attacks, including emails with malicious links or attachments. The platform tracks and analyzes employees’ responses to these simulated phishing attempts, providing valuable insights into their susceptibility to phishing and areas for improvement.

Phriendly Phishing goes beyond just simulating attacks by offering a comprehensive training program. It provides a library of interactive training modules and educational resources that cover various topics related to phishing awareness, such as email best practices, identifying red flags in emails, and safe online behaviors. These training materials are designed to engage employees and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to detect and report phishing attempts.

Additionally, Phriendly Phishing offers detailed reporting and analytics capabilities. Organizations can access comprehensive reports that provide insights into employee performance, overall susceptibility to phishing, and training effectiveness. These reports help organizations identify trends, measure progress, and make informed decisions to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

By conducting simulated phishing campaigns, delivering engaging training content, and providing detailed reporting, Phriendly Phishing helps organizations enhance employees’ ability to recognize and respond to phishing attacks. By fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness, organizations can reduce the risk of falling victim to phishing scams and strengthen their overall security defenses.


Splunk is a leading software platform that helps organizations collect, index, and analyze large volumes of machine-generated data. It provides a centralized repository for storing and retrieving data from diverse sources, including logs, metrics, sensors, and more. Splunk’s indexing technology enables quick and efficient searching, making it easy to explore data and gain real-time insights. It supports various data formats and integrates with a wide range of systems and applications.

One of Splunk’s key strengths is its analytics capabilities. It offers a powerful query language and intuitive user interface, allowing users to perform ad-hoc searches, generate reports, and build interactive dashboards. Splunk’s analytics tools enable users to detect anomalies, identify patterns, and uncover valuable insights within their data. Additionally, it provides advanced features like machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling automated data analysis and predictive modeling.

Splunk’s security portfolio offers comprehensive solutions to help organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture and protect against evolving threats. It encompasses a range of products and capabilities designed to provide real-time visibility, advanced analytics, and threat intelligence. At the core of Splunk’s security offerings is Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), a powerful platform that enables security teams to monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents. Splunk ES centralizes security data from various sources, including logs, network traffic, and endpoints, providing a unified view of the organization’s security posture. It employs advanced analytics and correlation techniques to identify potential threats, detect anomalies, and generate actionable insights. Splunk ES also integrates with external threat intelligence feeds, enabling organizations to stay updated on emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Splunk’s security portfolio includes additional solutions such as Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) for detecting insider threats and Splunk Phantom for automating security operations and incident response.

Splunk’s security solutions play a critical role in enabling organizations to stay ahead of the evolving cybersecurity landscape and protect their valuable assets and data.

Stellar Cyber 

Stellar Cyber is a cybersecurity company that provides an advanced security operations platform designed to help organizations streamline and enhance their threat detection and response capabilities. Their platform combines multiple security functionalities into a unified solution, enabling organizations to effectively detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats in real-time.

At the core of Stellar Cyber’s platform is its advanced security analytics engine. This engine leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze vast amounts of security data from diverse sources, including network traffic, logs, endpoints, and cloud environments. By correlating and analyzing this data in real-time, the platform can detect and prioritize threats accurately, reducing the time to detect and respond to security incidents.

Stellar Cyber’s platform also offers integrated security orchestration and automation capabilities. It enables organizations to automate security workflows, response actions, and remediation processes, saving time and effort for security teams. This automation helps organizations respond to threats more efficiently, reducing the dwell time of attackers and minimizing the impact of security incidents.

Furthermore, Stellar Cyber provides a comprehensive set of security applications and tools within its platform. These include network traffic analysis, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and threat intelligence integration. By integrating these functionalities into a single platform, Stellar Cyber offers a centralized and holistic approach to security operations, empowering organizations to effectively manage their cybersecurity posture.


Tenable is a prominent cybersecurity company that specializes in providing organizations with comprehensive vulnerability management solutions. Their flagship product,, offers a robust and unified platform for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing vulnerabilities across diverse IT environments.

At the core of Tenable’s offering is its vulnerability scanning technology, which enables organizations to proactively discover and assess vulnerabilities in their systems and applications. utilizes a combination of active scanning, passive monitoring, and agent-based scanning to provide comprehensive visibility into an organization’s attack surface. By continuously monitoring and analyzing vulnerabilities, organizations can identify potential entry points for attackers and prioritize their remediation efforts effectively. also offers advanced vulnerability analytics and reporting capabilities. It provides organizations with actionable insights, risk-based prioritization, and remediation recommendations based on the severity and potential impact of vulnerabilities. This helps organizations optimize their patch management processes, allocate resources efficiently, and mitigate the most critical security risks.

Furthermore, integrates with other security tools and systems, enabling seamless data sharing and collaboration. It can integrate with security information and event management (SIEM) platforms, ticketing systems, and third-party vulnerability scanners, providing a centralized view of an organization’s security posture. This integration enhances the overall effectiveness of vulnerability management efforts by leveraging existing security investments and facilitating more efficient workflows.

Tenable’s solutions provide organizations with the tools and insights needed to proactively manage and mitigate security risks, reducing the likelihood of successful cyber attacks.


Zimperium is a leading mobile security company that specializes in protecting organizations from mobile threats. Their advanced mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions help organizations detect, analyze, and respond to mobile security risks, ensuring the protection of mobile devices, apps, and data.

Zimperium’s flagship product, zIPS (Zimperium Intrusion Prevention System), is an innovative mobile threat defense solution. It leverages machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect and prevent a wide range of mobile threats, including malware, network attacks, device vulnerabilities, and phishing attempts. zIPS provides real-time threat detection and protection, ensuring that organizations can defend against mobile threats as they emerge.

One key aspect of Zimperium’s offering is its comprehensive threat intelligence platform, zConsole. zConsole provides organizations with centralized visibility into their mobile threat landscape, enabling security teams to monitor and analyze mobile threats across their entire mobile device fleet. It offers advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, and real-time reporting, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and respond effectively to mobile security incidents.

Moreover, Zimperium’s solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems. This integration allows for streamlined deployment and management of the mobile threat defense solution across the organization’s mobile devices. By integrating with MDM and EMM systems, Zimperium provides organizations with a unified approach to mobile security, ensuring that mobile devices are protected while maintaining productivity and user experience.

Zimperium’s solutions enable organizations to maintain a secure mobile environment, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of their mobile devices and apps.

Picus Security

In 2013, Picus Security pioneered Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology, marking the inception of a journey that has assisted many companies in enhancing their cyber resilience ever since. Founded by cybersecurity experts with academic backgrounds and extensive practical experience, Picus Security developed a security validation solution, offering end-to-end attack readiness visibility and effortless mitigation to proactively counter cyber threats across all layers of defense. Underpinning this innovation is Picus’ “The Complete Security Validation Platform”, a valuable resource that equips operational and executive teams with granular, actionable insights. These insights not only empower proactive capabilities but also maximize the utilization of technology, thereby optimizing return on investment while consistently minimizing the risk of breaches.

While security controls are fundamental to an organization’s defense against cyber threats, their efficacy can diminish if they are not regularly configured or fine-tuned. Unfortunately, many organizations operate under the assumption that their controls are functioning optimally, only to discover gaps after security incidents have occurred. Others simply don’t have the resources to keep technologies constantly updated. In order to minimize breaches, Picus advocates for the integration of security control validation as an integral component of security operations and has introduced “The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform” to simplify the process of validating and optimizing defenses in a secure, consistent, and ongoing manner.

The Security Validation Platform offers three core functionalities:
-Security Control Validation: Validate and enhance the effectiveness of your existing security controls, equipping your organization to preempt and detect the latest cyber threats.
-Attack Path Validation: Identify and neutralize potential adversary paths within your network, thwarting their attempts to compromise critical assets.
-Detection Rule Validation: Improve threat detection and response by uncovering performance and hygiene-related issues with your detection rules.

Through the rigorous and recurrent validation of security controls against the latest threats, Picus improves risk awareness among security teams, fostering informed decision-making and ultimately leading to better outcomes.


A reseller partnership with Safetech Innovations allows you to quickly expand your portfolio of solutions and services in the following directions:

Automation of information security management

Securing industrial control systems with Honeypot technology

Malware analysis of mobile terminals

Phishing simulations and cyber security training programs

Safetech provides resellers with training of the staff assigned to execute the reseller partnership, pre-sales technical assistance, organization of demonstrations and pilot tests, as well as competitive volume discounts.