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Cyber security services

We combine expertise and experience with artificial intelligence to provide our clients with the necessary means to achieve and maintain the desired level of security.

Since 2011, Safetech Innovations has been providing cyber security services tailored to the needs of client organizations. Safetech Innovations has partnership relations with a number of companies with a decisive role in the field of cyber security, such as Check Point, Darktrace, Microsoft, Splunk, Fidelis, HID, Cynet.

Currently counting over 60 employees, the company has dedicated teams for research and development of cybersecurity software products, implementation and support of security solutions, and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Safetech’s Security Operations Center has been serving clients since 2015 and provides them with a mature and efficient detection, response and remediation capability designed to handle cyber threats with 24/7/365 coverage. STI CERT analysts hold multiple personal certifications, obtained through (ISC)², ISACA and EC-Council.

Numerous Romanian organizations have chosen Safetech’s services to improve their level of cyber security. The company has customers from the following industries: financial-banking, energy, oil and gas, utilities, health, insurance, industrial production, high tech, retail, distribution, public sector, consulting, gaming. Seven of the ten largest banks in Romania have chosen us as their cyber security service provider.

Safetech has also been involved in more than 100 critical infrastructure security projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the European Union, UK, Switzerland, Morocco, Singapore, the Philippines, India, China and New Zealand.

Cyber security services

Consulting and training services

Our services provide you with technical, organizational and coordination experience and ensure the awareness of your staff about the best practices in cyber security. The services may include assessing potential risks, developing policies, procedures and controls to ensure compliance with a set of standards, building and managing internal security teams, conducting operational security risk assessments, obtaining threat intelligence and advice and support in case of crisis. Our security management consulting services have a direct impact on securing confidential data, mitigating risks and ensuring your organization's compliance with current regulations.

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Security assessment, testing and auditing

The testing services assess the effectiveness of an organization's cybersecurity measures and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Also, testing is necessary for compliance with norms and standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27002, NIS, norms of the BNR, ASF. Our services include vulnerability assessment, penetration testing for data networks, cloud environments, mobile applications, software code security assessment and social engineering. Our Red Teaming exercise tests the resilience of the attack surface, the effectiveness of threat detection techniques, the effectiveness of response processes and the awareness of the organization's personnel. Our audit services ensure the identification of risks, the evaluation of the effectiveness of security measures and compliance with legislation and certain standards.

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Professional systems integration services

Our systems integration services aim to create a set of software applications and hardware components capable of functioning as a single, coherent solution to meet a specific set of business objectives. Services include requirements and constraints analysis, system design, implementation, configuration, testing, solution administrator training, service and technical support. Collaborating with Safetech for the integration of cyber security systems offers you the following benefits: expertise and experience, reduced risk, customization, scalability and flexibility, post-implementation support.

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Outsourcing of security operations

Safetech CERT (STI CERT®), the first private Computer Emergency Response Team in Romania, is accredited by Trusted Introducer, the accreditation and certification service established by the European community of CERT organizations ( STI CERT provides full services for monitoring, detection, analysis, remediation and reporting of cyber security incidents. By using our services, you benefit from cyber risk management, early stage detection of the attempts of attacks, before causing significant damage, rapid response to incidents, 24/7 continuous protection, compliance with security regulations and cost efficiency.

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Advanced analysis for critical security incidents

If you have found or suspect that a cyber attack is taking place on your IT systems, we invite you to contact us to analyze the situation, identify the characteristics of the attack and propose corrective actions. Safetech will perform advanced technical investigations for critical incidents, focusing on expert analysis and recommendations for rapid remediation of the beneficiary's security posture. Depending on requirements and needs, the service may contain advanced analysis of logs, network traffic, computer memory, forensic analysis of storage devices, suspicious file analysis, coordination and reporting of security investigations.

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