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Cyber security solutions

We combine our expertise and experience with artificial intelligence to provide our clients with the necessary means to achieve and maintain the desired level of security.

Since 2011, Safetech Innovations has been providing cybersecurity solutions tailored to each organization’s needs, along with related systems integration, technical support and training services. Safetech Innovations has partnership relations with a number of companies with a decisive role in the field of cyber security, such as CheckPoint, DarkTrace, Microsoft, Splunk, Fidelis, HID, Cynet.

Currently counting over 60 employees, the company has dedicated teams for research and development of cybersecurity software products, implementation and support of security solutions, and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Safetech’s Security Operations Center has been serving clients since 2015 and provides them with a mature and efficient detection, response and remediation capability designed to handle cyber threats with 24/7/365 coverage. Safetech CERT (STI CERT®) is accredited by Trusted Introducer, the accreditation and certification service established by the European community of Computer Emergency Response Team organizations ( STI CERT analysts hold multiple personal certifications, obtained through (ISC)², ISACA and EC-Council.

Numerous Romanian organizations have chosen to use Safetech’ services for improving their level of cyber security. The company has customers from the following industries: financial-banking, energy, oil and gas, utilities, health, insurance, industrial production, high tech, retail, distribution, public sector, consulting, gaming. Seven of the ten largest banks in Romania have chosen us as their cyber security service provider.

Safetech has also been involved in more than 100 critical infrastructure security projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the European Union, UK, Switzerland, Morocco, Singapore, the Philippines, India, China and New Zealand.

Cyber security solutions

Network Detection and Response

NDR is a cybersecurity approach that focuses on monitoring and analyzing network traffic to detect and respond to potential threats and security breaches. NDR solutions are designed to provide real-time visibility into network activity, identify anomalies or suspicious behavior, and enable timely incident response. NDR is important to your business because it helps identify and proactively mitigate potential security threats, facilitates incident response, and helps ensure compliance, protect sensitive data, and optimize network performance.

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Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR is a cybersecurity technology designed to detect and respond to advanced threats and malicious activity on individual end devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, servers, or mobile devices, on a network. By combining threat detection, response, visibility, and identification capabilities, EDR improves an organization's overall security posture by protecting devices from advanced threats, reducing threat detection time, and minimizing the potential impact of security incidents.

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Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile Threat Defense is a software solution designed to protect mobile devices from threats and vulnerabilities, focusing on detecting and mitigating specific risks and attacks. MTD performs threat detection and behavioral analysis, verifies the reputation and integrity of mobile applications, monitors network connections, enforces security policies, encrypts stored and transmitted data, performs access control, generates real-time alerts, facilitates rapid remedial actions, and provides centralized reporting.

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Next-Generation Firewall

Check Point Maestro is a security solution unique in the industry in terms of its scalability, resilience and efficiency. It provides a series of functionalities including: Next-Gen. Firewall, IPS, DLP, IPSec and SSL VPN concentrator, URL filtering, Application control, Anti-virus, Zero-day protection, Email security, HTTPS inspection. In combination with Safetech services, Maestro successfully responds to the current cyber security challenges of medium and large organizations.

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Security Information and Event Management

SIEM is a solution that collects, analyzes and correlates data from various sources within an organization's IT infrastructure to provide a centralized view of security events. SIEM supports the work of the security operations team through log management, real-time threat detection, event correlation and context adding, proactive threat hunting capabilities, incident investigation and enforcement of response workflows, compliance support and facilitating risk management.

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Extended Detection and Response

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a comprehensive security solution that provides a unified view of your organization's security posture, aggregates and enriches data from various security sources such as endpoints, networks, cloud services and applications, giving analysts a broader context for understanding security events and incidents. XDR also uses automation, advanced analytics, and machine learning to accelerate and simplify incident response processes, help proactively identify threats, and facilitate compliance and risk management.

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Physical and Logical Access Control Systems

Organizations need a secure and reliable method for verifying the identity of their members. This solution must implement security best practices, apply modern but industry-validated technologies, and be cost-effective to purchase and operate. The HID ActivID Card Management System, the access and identity management solution developed by HID Global, successfully meets these requirements, a fact demonstrated by the numerous systems in production globally.

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Privileged Access Management

Privileged access management (PAM) solutions secure and manage privileged accounts and their access to the organization's IT infrastructure. A PAM solution helps discover, manage and secure privileged accounts, enforces strong authentication mechanisms for them, provides just-in-time access to privileged accounts, provides session monitoring and logging, automates privileged access password management, provides workflows and approval processes for requesting, granting, and revoking privileged access, ensures isolation of privileged sessions, and generates audit logs, reports, and compliance documentation.

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Mobile Device Security and Management

Mobile Device Security and Management (MDS, MDM) and Universal Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions simplify the management of terminals (smartphones and tablets in the case of MDS/MDM; desktop and laptop PC terminals, smartphones, tablets in the case of UEM), improve their security, ensure compliance, improve user support and streamline device IT operations. These solutions manage settings, policies and applications on devices, apply patches, manage antivirus software, perform remote blocking/wipe, ensure secure VPN communication, security threat detection, data segregation with containers, access control and perform reporting and auditing.

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