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MTD (Mobile Threat Defense)

Mobile Threat Defense is a software solution designed to protect mobile devices from threats and vulnerabilities, focusing on detecting and mitigating specific risks and attacks. MTD performs threat detection, behavioral analysis, verifies the reputation and integrity of mobile applications, monitors network connections, enforces security policies, encrypts stored and transmitted data, performs access control, generates real-time alerts, facilitates rapid remedial actions, and provides centralized reporting.

MTD solutions

Zimperium MTD

Zimperium MTD is an application that provides advanced mobile security against all major attack vectors. Zimperium MTD protects mobile devices even when they are not connected to a network, reducing risk by scanning for potentially harmful apps and jailbreaking processes on devices before providing access to resources.

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MMI is a software solution developed by Safetech Innovations that detects malware-specific behaviors on the mobile device, performs behavioral analysis of the device's Internet traffic, forensic investigations and reverse engineering investigations of the applications installed on the device.

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Ivanti Neurons MTD

Ivanti Neurons MTD is a solution that secure Android and iOS devices, both company and employee owned. The solution monitors, manages and secures mobile endpoints against device, network and application-level attacks, and prevents mobile phishing attacks and zero-day threats.

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