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NDR (Network Detection and Response)

NDR is a cybersecurity approach that focuses on monitoring and analyzing network traffic to detect and respond to potential threats and security breaches. NDR solutions are designed to provide real-time visibility into network activity, identify anomalies or suspicious behavior, and enable timely incident response. NDR is important to your business because it helps identify and proactively mitigate potential security threats, facilitates incident response, and helps ensure compliance, protect sensitive data, and optimize network performance.

NDR solutions

Microsoft Defender for IoT

Microsoft Defender for IoT (D4IoT), formerly CyberX Xsense, provides a range of security features specifically designed for industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks, including discovery of industrial ICS devices, real-time monitoring for anomalies in the OT process and cyber threat detection.

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Darktrace NDR

Solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously understand normal network behavior and identify deviations that could indicate a potential security threat. Darktrace NDR has the ability to respond proportionally and in real time to the most sophisticated cyber threats, including zero-day attacks.

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Fidelis Network

Proactive Netword Detection and Response solution that provides visibility, advanced detection and accelerated response to cyber threats in on-premises and cloud environments. This solution prevents data theft, builds attack tactics, techniques and procedures, performs retrospective analysis and implements proactive network security.

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