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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a solution that collects, analyzes and correlates data from various sources within an organization's IT infrastructure to provide a centralized view of security events. SIEM supports the work of the security operations team through log management, real-time threat detection, event correlation and adding context, proactive threat hunting capabilities, incident investigation and enforcement of response workflows, compliance support and facilitating risk management. These benefits help security analysts detect and respond to incidents more effectively, improving the organization's security capabilities.

SIEM solutions

Microsoft Sentinel

A scalable Software as a Service solution that provides Security Information and Event Management and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response capabilities, Sentinel provides an overall view of the organization, eliminating the stress caused by increasingly sophisticated attacks, increasing volume of alerts and long resolution times.

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Splunk Enterprise Security

Modern, data-centric Security Information and Event Management solution, part of the Splunk Security Operations Suite. Splunk Enterprise Security is built on an open and scalable data platform designed to capture and analyze all of an organization's data, delivering accurate detection, rapid investigations, and short time to remediation.

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The SIEM platform of the Romanian company Nextgen Software, built on three basic elements: automation, operational intelligence and Machine Learning. The solution provides a unified view of security events, data correlation, data collection with the help of multiple technologies and efficient analysis and thus ensures flexibility, scalability and facilitation of the decision process.

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Graylog Security

Scalable Software as a Service solution that can run on-premises or as a service in the cloud, built on the Graylog platform, which combines SIEM, threat intelligence, incident investigation and anomaly detection capabilities to help cybersecurity teams simplify threat identification, research and response.

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