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Splunk Enterprise Security

SIEM platform for streamlining security operations

Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a modern, data-centric Security information and event management (SIEM) solution, part of the Splunk Security Operations Suite. Splunk Enterprise Security is built on an open and scalable data platform designed to capture and analyze all of an organization's data, delivering accurate detection, rapid investigations, and short time to remediation.

Solution overview

Splunk Enterprise Security helps security teams of all sizes and expertise levels streamline their security operations. Splunk SIEM lets you:

  • Integrate and monitor tens of terabits of data per day from any source, structured or unstructured, for complete visibility,
  • Assigning risk levels to users and systems, correlating alerts with cyber security frameworks and triggering them when the risk exceeds certain thresholds, to combat the phenomenon of “alert fatigue”,
  • Advanced threat detection using Machine Learning and more than 700 out-of-the-box detection methods for frameworks such as MITER ATT&CK, NIST, CIS 20 and Kill Chain,
  • Fully investigate security events or suspicious activities by accessing relevant information and reducing triage time with Threat Intelligence Management,
  • Automatically update security content delivered directly from the Splunk Threat Research Team to help users stay on top of new and emerging threats.

Main functionalities

Splunk ES provides the following functionality:

Threat Topology

It is a function that allows analysts to assess the magnitude of an incident by mapping all associated risk/threat elements. Analysts can immediately discover the scope of a security incident and quickly switch between affected resources and users during the investigation, saving time and increasing productivity.

The MITRE ATT&CK Framework matrix

It is a module that allows security analysts to quickly build a situational perspective around an incident and navigate directly to the associated MITRE documentation.

Risk Based Alerting (RBA)

Functionality that builds on detections in Splunk ES, greatly reducing false-positive alert rates and increasing productivity.

Threat Intelligence and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Splunk SOAR communicates with Splunk ES, helping to accelerate incident investigation and response by enriching alerts.

Behavior Analytics: Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

UBA uses Machine Learning (ML) to profile user and entity behaviors, filter real threats, and share those threats with Splunk ES.

ES Content Updates and Use Case Library

The Splunk Threat Research team produces security content in the form of procedures, detection scenarios, and out-of-the-box responses to help security teams stay on top of the latest threats.

Access Anomalies dashboards

Allows viewing of user behavior anomalies, showing simultaneous login attempts from different IPs and "Impossible Travel" anomalies.

Implementation and Licensing

Splunk Enterprise Security can be implemented in any variant: cloud, on-premise or hybrid, through 3 pricing models:

Workload Pricing

Billing based on the number of virtual machines processing workloads in Splunk,

Ingest Pricing

Charging based on the volume of data processed,

Entity Pricing

Billing based on the number of protected devices being monitored/managed.

What benefits Splunk Enterprise Security brings

Splunk Enterprise Security provides the following benefits:

Reduces alert volume by 80%, giving analysts clarity and prioritization to resolve incidents in minutes instead of weeks,

Provides access to threat hunting and deep threat analysis through flexible research/searches, Machine Learning and threat intelligence,

Provides access to more than 1170 out-of-the-box detection rules and operations, which align with industry structures and standards (MITRE ATT&CK, NIST, CIS 20 and Kill Chain),

Provides the possibility of real-time detection of suspicious and malicious behavior with the help of cloud analytics tools,

Provides access to over 2,700 security and IT connectors developed by Splunk, partners and community members to facilitate the integration of security tools and data sources into Splunk,

Enables the operationalization of the MITRE ATT&CK (MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Common Knowledge) framework through a visualization matrix that highlights the tactics and techniques observed in risk events to save time when investigating events.

Services provided by Safetech Innovations

Our IT security systems integration services include:

Requirements analysis and system design

Requirements analysis and system design

Analysis of project objectives, requirements and constraints, identification of risks, design of integrated architecture, development of a detailed project plan for the integration of various components and subsystems



Delivering and installing products, configuring, testing, implementing and optimizing the integrated system, verifying that all components work together as planned, training system administrators on how to use the solution

Technical support and service

Technical support and service

Providing technical support and service to ensure the continuous operation of the system optimally, meeting the needs of the organization

Collaborating with Safetech Innovations brings you the following specific benefits:

– The solid experience of professionals in the field of cyber security – We have 12 years of activity and over 600 completed projects in this field for clients from multiple economic sectors. Currently, Safetech Innovations employs over 60 employees, of which 40 are members of the technical team.
– Our Cyber Security Expertise – We have certified know-how in cyber attack and defense techniques and expertise in:

  • Analysis of existing/potential threats and vulnerabilities,
  • Risk assessment and business impact,
  • Consultancy to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information,
  • Implementation of the necessary solutions in order to achieve an optimal level of security, which will maintain a healthy business in the long term,
  • Continuous event monitoring and response to cyber security incidents.

Choosing Safetech's project integrator services ensures you reduce the risks of implementation, customization, scalability and flexibility, post-implementation support.