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Security testing

Testing and auditing services aimed at identifying risks, evaluating the effectiveness of the organization's security measures and compliance with legislation and certain standards

Security assessment, testing and auditing services

Cyber Security Testing

The services assess the effectiveness of the organization's cyber security measures and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Also, testing is necessary for compliance with norms and standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27002, NIS, norms of the BNR, ASF. Services include vulnerability assessment, penetration testing for data networks, cloud environments, mobile applications, software code security assessment, social engineering.

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Red Team services

The services assess how well the organization would react at each stage of a cyber attack, from recognition to exploitation. You will gain extensive insight into the state of the attack surface and the effectiveness of security techniques, processes and personnel. The Red Teaming exercise tests the resilience of the attack surface, the effectiveness of threat detection techniques, the efficiency of response processes and the awareness of the organization's personnel.

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Security audit

The services ensure the identification of risks, the evaluation of the effectiveness of security measures and compliance with legislation and certain standards. The audit helps identify areas where there is excessive spending on security measures or the solutions used are ineffective. The services provide a comprehensive view of the security posture, enabling the implementation of a robust cyber security strategy within the organization.

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