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Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Vulnerability Management (VM)

Attack Surface Management involves the continuous monitoring and management of all potential entry points that an attacker could exploit into an organization's digital environment. These include not only the obvious, such as servers and networks, but also harder-to-detect components, such as third-party services, APIs, and even employee endpoints.
Vulnerability Management specifically focuses on identifying, classifying, prioritizing and remediating security weaknesses in an organization's systems. VM is an ongoing process that involves regular scanning, assessment, and patching of vulnerabilities to ensure that systems remain secure against known threats. An effective VM requires a thorough risk assessment to prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities, and timely remedial actions.
ASM and VM proactive approach reduces the risk of attacks, minimizes damage and ensures the resilience of the organization' IT infrastructure.

Attack Surface Management and Vulnerability Management

Tenable Attack Surface Management

Tenable ASM discovers connections from the Internet to your assets, allowing you to easily assess the security posture of your entire external attack surface. With Tenable ASM, you gain complete visibility into all your internet-connected assets, services, and applications to better understand your organization's digital footprint and better assess and manage risk.

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