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Cybersecurity training services

Cybersecurity training courses, continuous staff training on recognizing and dealing with phishing attacks

instruire in securitate

Cybersecurity awareness is of crucial importance to any company today, as it is the foundation upon which a strong cybersecurity posture is built. The cybersecurity training empowers employees at all levels to recognize and respond effectively to potential cyber threats.

The benefits of Safetech's cybersecurity training services

In an organization, employees are often the first line of defense against cyberattacks. By fostering cybersecurity awareness, employees become more vigilant and are better equipped to identify phishing emails, malicious links, and other common attack vectors.
This proactive approach helps in the early detection and prevention of cyber threats, reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks and data breaches.

Secondly, the cybersecurity training minimizes the human factor as a vulnerability.
A significant portion of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents is a result of human error, whether through unwittingly downloading malware or falling for social engineering tactics. By educating employees on best practices, safe online behavior, and the latest cyber threats, a company reduces the likelihood of these errors.

Description of the services

In order to ensure the education of the staff regarding cybersecurity awareness, Safetech provides the following services:
• Training courses on best practices in cybersecurity,
• Outsourcing of the process of training and testing the staff on recognizing and dealing with phishing attack attempts.

Cybersecurity Best Practices Training Courses

Safetech provides cybersecurity training services, delivered by experienced instructors using Safetech’s proprietary content, developed in cooperation with university-level teaching staff. Cybersecurity best practices courses have the following content, which at the client’s request can be customized to meet a specific set of requirements:

  1. What resources and data do we have to secure,
  2. What are the objectives of cybersecurity,
  3. Why is cybersecurity important,
  4. Examples of cyberattacks,
  5. Cybersecurity mechanisms,
  6. What is the role of email security,
  7. How to identify a phishing email,
  8. Recommendations for Internet security – web browsing, social networks, messaging services,
  9. Internet Security case studies,
  10. Recommendations regarding the access to WiFi networks,
  11. How to identify social engineering,
  12. Examples of social engineering attacks,
  13. Recommendations regarding the administration and storage of passwords,
  14. Multi-factor authentication,
  15. Device security,
  16. Recommendations for choosing and managing software,
  17. Data protection measures in case of device theft,
  18. The importance of backups,
  19. How we make a backup copy,
  20. Artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Outsourcing of the training and testing of staff on recognizing and dealing with phishing attacks

Safetech ensures periodic delivery of phishing attack simulations accompanied by dedicated training sessions on the critical aspects identified in relation to how to recognize and react to phishing attempts.

Safetech ensures, by using the specialized services of its partner, Phriendly Phishing:

  • Planning and automation of the periodic transmission of phishing attack simulations with content adapted to the business of the client,
  • Automated delivery of personalized educational content, in Romanian and/or in international languages, to the staff who needs training,
  • Verification of the acquired knowledge and
  • Monitoring the evolution of the corresponding risk indicators at the level of the organization.

Cybersecurity awareness is an investment in mitigating risk, regulatory compliance, protecting an organization’s reputation and sensitive data.

Safetech is an experienced partner in ensuring a solid level of awareness of the personnel engaged in the field of cyber security.

What recommends us?

Safetech's cybersecurity training courses have content created based on the company's experience, accumulated over 12 years of activity and over 600 completed projects in the field of security testing and consulting in a variety of industries (banking and insurance, energy , public utilities, government and public institutions, health, industrial production, retail, pharma).

The continuous staff training service on dealing with phishing attempts is based on Safetech Innovations' distributor relationship with Phriendly Phishing and uses the latest training and knowledge verification technologies, along with regularly updated training content and phishing simulations, in line with the phishing attacks observed worldwide.