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Cyber Security Audit

Identifying risks, evaluating the effectiveness of the organization's security measures, ensuring compliance with legislation and standards

The audit services performed by Safetech Innovations contribute to:
  • Risk identification: the audit identifies potential vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, allowing proactive mitigation measures to be taken, for preventing data loss.
  • Improving security posture: audit services provide a comprehensive picture of the organization’s security posture, enabling the development and implementation of a robust cyber security strategy.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and/or a set of standards.
  • Cost reduction: the audit helps identify areas with excessive spending on security measures, or with ineffective solutions.
  • Increasing customer trust: The audit will demonstrate to customers and partners that the organization takes security seriously and is committed to protect sensitive data, which will help strengthen business relationships.

The methodology used for the security audit

The audit methodology of Safetech Innovations is based on the international standard ISO-27001 - Information security management system, on the best practices in the field of information security and on the NIST Cyber Security Framework standard. The ISO-27001 standard provides a methodical audit structure, the key elements for the development of an organizational security framework, as well as effective security management practices.

The standard proposes the PDCA method for the control and continuous improvement of processes. PDCA is an iterative management method in 4 steps, as follows:


Establishing the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with expected targets.


Process implementation and staff training


Process auditing and risk assessment


Implementation of recommendations and measures for risks mitigation.

The audit methodology is also based on the ISO 19011 standard – Guide for auditing management systems. This standard provides guidance on auditing management systems, including auditing principles, as well as managing an audit program and conducting audit activities.

The works milestones for carrying out the evaluation process consist of:

Initiation of the audit project

Planning of audit activities

Execution of audit activities

Elaboration of the audit report

Delivery of the audit report

Completion of the audit project

The audit team

The members of the Safetech Innovations’ team have the technical capabilities and professional certifications necessary to provide security audit services and in-depth knowledge of the Romanian legislation applicable to audit. In addition to the legal requirements for accredited providers of security audit services, the members of our audit team have experience in similar projects, as well as experience in network and IT system administration or implementation and network and IT security. Safetech Innovations provides project management through an expert senior auditor who will also have the role of project coordinator and who has relevant experience and skills. The team coordinator will monitor the progress of the activities and ensure the completion of the project according to the planning established by Safetech Innovations and the Beneficiary.

Why choose Safetech?

Currently counting over 60 employees, the company has dedicated teams for research and development of cybersecurity software products, implementation and support of security solutions, and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

We specialized in identifying vulnerabilities, reducing risks, and creating security programs that provide the long-term conditions needed for companies to thrive.

Safetech specialists have advanced expertise in:

Analysis of existing/potential threats and vulnerabilities,

Risk assessment and business impact,

Consultancy to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information,

Implementation of the solutions necessary for optimal security, which will maintain a healthy business in the long term,

Continuous event monitoring and response to cyber security incidents.