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Microsoft Defender for IoT

Unified threat protection for your entire IoT/OT network

Microsoft Defender for IoT (D4IoT), formerly CyberX Xsense, provides a range of security features specifically designed for industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks, including discovery of industrial ICS devices, real-time monitoring for anomalies in the OT process and cyber threat detection.

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Solution overview

Information technology (IT) security focuses primarily on protecting digital data and ensuring access to it only for authorized users. OT security, on the other hand, involves measures to secure operational systems and equipment against unauthorized access, disruption or damage, ensuring that the availability and reliability of critical infrastructures and the safety and integrity of industrial processes are maintained. OT security and operational incidents can have serious consequences such as process disruption, equipment failure, environmental and life threats.

Microsoft Defender for IoT provides comprehensive threat detection for IoT/OT environments, with multiple deployment options including cloud, on-premises or hybrid networks. D4IoT detects both security and operational incidents in ICS/OT systems, enabling organizations to quickly identify and respond to potential threats.

D4IoT supports a wide range of industrial protocols to monitor and protect ICS and OT networks. It is protocol agnostic, supporting almost any industrial protocol, including the well-known MODBUS, DNP3, OPC, Siemens S7, Profinet, BACnet, IEC104, Yokogawa. From the perspective of hardware compatibility, it supports almost any OT network devices such as PLC, RTU, HMI and SCADA systems from almost any well-known vendor such as Siemens AG, Schneider Electric, GE Digital, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, ABB Group, Emerson Electric, Yokogawa Electric, Bosch Rexroth, Kuka AG, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron Corporation, Wago and many more.

How does Microsoft Defender for IoT work?

The power of IFSM technology

The core technology used by D4IoT is known as Industrial Finite State Machine (IFSM), which is a mathematical model that describes the behavior of a system as it changes from one state to another in response to certain inputs or events, used for detecting and analyzing abnormal behavior in ICS and OT networks.

The IFSM technology used by Microsoft D4IoT is based on the analysis of network traffic and device behavior. It uses machine learning algorithms to create a profile of "normal" behavior for every device and system on the network. The technology then monitors the network for any deviation from this normal profile and generates alerts when it detects any anomalies.

IFSM technology is also particularly useful in the industrial context, as it can detect not only known attack patterns, but also zero-day threats and malicious insider activity. In addition, it can provide visibility across the entire network, including devices that are accidentally (or not) connected to the Internet, making it more effective in protecting critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

Key features of Microsoft Defender for IoT

Real-time asset discovery, vulnerability management and threat protection

Vulnerability management

the console provides automated vulnerability scanning and reporting, enabling customers to quickly identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in their OT networks.

Real-time threat detection

the console uses advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect anomalies and potential threats in OT network traffic in real time.


the console provides automated compliance reporting capabilities, including the ability to generate reports on compliance with industry standards such as NERC CIP and IEC 62443.


the console allows customers to remotely manage their D4IoT deployment, including software update, sensor configuration and user access management.

and reports

the console offers a range of customizable dashboards and reports, enabling customers to easily monitor the health and security of their OT networks and quickly identify and respond to potential threats.

Extensive integration capabilities

D4IoT integrates with all existing security platforms (SIEM, security analytics, firewalls, etc.) and MS Sentinel.

Architecture and Implementation

Comprehensive security for your entire IoT infrastructure

Microsoft Defender for IoT has multiple deployment options that protect cloud, on-premises, or hybrid networks.

The solution is implemented in a distributed configuration based on network sensors connected to the L2 switching infrastructure of the OT network, for receiving and analyzing a replica of the traffic, or by using TAP devices.

Large environments deploy multiple sensors, including virtual machine-based sensors, to cover all critical infrastructure, including geographically distributed ICS/OT networks. All data collected from the sensors can be analyzed locally on each sensor or correlated in the central management console of D4IoT. The central management console is the main interface for managing and monitoring the D4IoT platform. It provides a number of key functionalities to help customers protect their industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks from cyber threats.

For implementation in the customer environment, a minimum set of requirements must be met, such as assigning static IP addresses to the D4IoT sensors and sending them a copy of the network traffic, for example using SPAN ports on the main LAN switches.

Services provided by Safetech Innovations

We offer a full set of technical services related to D4IoT:

Security assessments,


Solution presentations,

Solution design,


Configuration, integration with other security systems,

Knowledge transfer sessions,

Technical support with SLA,

Outsourced security operations services – security incident monitoring, detection and response.

Why choose Safetech Innovations?

The right combination of skills and experience

Companies from Europe (Romania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Switzerland) and from USA, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico rely on Safetech Innovations for system integration, technical support and outsourced security operations.
Our main competitive advantages are:



We have extensive experience with D4IoT, we have provided architecture design and solution implementation services in over 100 completed projects for utility clients including electricity, oil, gas, water, defense, pharmaceutical, materials processing industries premiums, transports and others.



We facilitate solution and technology adoption by providing security assessments, POC/POV, and presentation and collaboration sessions.



We offer solution design, implementation, configuration, integration with other security systems (such as SIEM and NGFW), knowledge transfer services.



We provide customers with after-sales maintenance and technical support with SLA as part of a professional services contract, including our contractual cooperation with Microsoft.



Through our accredited Safetech Computer Emergency Response Team (STI CERT®), we monitor the D4IoT system, detect and respond to security threats, with 24/7/365 coverage, using a team structured on 3 levels (detection, response and advanced technical support ), with certified specialists (ISC)², ISACA and EC-Council.