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Radiflow OT Cybersecurity

The complete OT Security platform

Radiflow's solutions form a complete Operational Technology (OT) Security platform that provides information security officers with full visibility into the network serving Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Radiflow uses non-intrusive methods to protect, monitor and assess risks in OT networks, with the aim of ensuring the continued activity of the organization.

Solution overview

Radiflow solutions can be deployed at the beneficiary’s locations or remotely, at the location of a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), and are fully compatible with the IEC 62443 standard. The platform consists of the following components:

  • iSID Threat Detection: Suite of Threat Detection & Monitoring solutions for OT visibility and anomaly detection. Provides cybersecurity personnel with network visibility, threat detection, alerts, and the ability to configure communication rules for devices and protocols.
  • Active Scanner: Active Asset Discovery and Data Enrichment for ICS networks. With active and secure OT scanning, Active Scanner enables full discovery of industrial assets in networks that do not have port mirroring or passive monitoring, both standalone and hybrid (with iSID). Developed for OT networks, it minimizes the chances of service interruption.
  • iSAP Smart Collector: Smart Controller. Cost-effective solution for retrieving, filtering, compressing and sending data traffic from distributed industrial units to iSID for analysis and filtering. Only one iSAP device is required for each remote location.
  • The iSID Threat Detection, Active Scanner and iSAP Smart Collector solutions work together, unitedly, to detect and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • iCEN Central Management: centralized monitoring for iSID. Designed for large enterprises and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers), iCEN provides unified visibility into the risk levels of locations, OT assets, alerts and maintenance actions, all through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • CIARA Risk Management: Industrial Risk Assessment & Management platform. Radiflow CIARA automatically discovers and learns key risk indicators and accurately assesses overall and site-level security risk and posture. The solution allows the OT security budget to be directed to maximize the efficiency of security controls, based on cybersecurity regulations, standards and recommendations, such as ISA/IEC 62443, NIS2 and NIST CSF.

Main functionalities

Radiflow's solutions work based on the following mechanisms:

Machine learning and non-intrusive analytics

Automatic generation of the basic topology and behavior model, including all devices, ports and connections, analysis based on Deep Packet Inspection of a copy of the traffic in the operational network.

PLC monitoring and attack vector analysis

Continuous supervision of configuration changes in PLCs (Programmable logic controllers) and other network devices.

Centralized view of all locations

Active Scanner provides a holistic picture of your network from multiple locations. Network-wide scan results are available in common formats (PCAP, CSV, JSON) and can be delivered to other applications within your organization.

Aggregation and tunneling

iSAP Smart Collector enables encrypted aggregation and tunneling of monitored network traffic to the iSID Threat Detection System for analysis.

Data compression and filtering

Compress industrial protocols to a ratio of up to 1:10, as well as filter irrelevant traffic data via the iSAP Smart Controller.

Unified monitoring and visualization

iCEN Central Management enables centralized monitoring and management for multiple iSID instances.

Automated Risk Assessment

CIARA Risk Management reduces evaluation and audit time, as well as the necessary resources. It automatically centralises relevant network and transaction data and assesses risks accurately, quickly and discreetly. Policymakers, auditors and consultants can carry out complete and reliable risk assessments, as frequently as necessary.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence-based breach & attack simulations using CIARA's breach & attack simulation engine (OT-BAS). The OT-BAS algorithm calculates the probability of attacks and the effectiveness of appropriate risk mitigation measures and takes into account the impact of attacks on business processes.

Key Features of the Radiflow Platform

Radiflow's entire approach to the continuous protection of industrial control systems is business-centric and provides a framework for planning network protection activities and expenses based on customized operational needs, long-term budgetary constraints, regulations to be adhered to, and compliance objectives.

CIARA Risk Management is the first ROI-centric risk assessment and management platform for industrial organizations.

In addition to threat detection, Radiflow inventories device properties and vulnerabilities, provides insights into the relevant threat landscape, and shows the current level of risk exposure. Radiflow's solutions enable you to reduce risk and optimize your organization's resources, based on your deep understanding of OT/ICS security.

Main benefits of the solution

The Radiflow platform brings the following benefits:

iSID Map View

The map view allows the graphical representation of all network devices, in several display modes (Purdue, Flow, Analyst and Custom). Maps can be zoomed in and items can be moved to any location on the screen. The Attack Vector analysis tool can detect vulnerabilities for interactions between different business processes.

Targeted scans

Active Scanner offers focused, ad-hoc or scheduled scans to obtain asset information for: protocols (Modbus, CIP, Profinet, SNMP, IT ICMP, NMAP, DNP3, WMI), vendors (Schneider Electric Modicon, Allen Bradley, Siemens) and operating systems (Windows OS).

Cost reduction

Only one Radiflow device (iSAP) is needed for each remote location. They securely connect to a centrally located iSID Threat Detection server, where network and device activity across the company is analyzed.

Reduce traffic for monitoring

iSAP Smart Collector uses Radiflow's patented data compression algorithm, allowing ratios of up to 1:10 to be achieved. Subsequently, the iSID server can decompress the data packets without loss of information. The degree of compression applied can be set depending on the type of data.

Centralized view of cyber risk information

iCEN displays aggregated data from all iSID instances in an organization, including: total assets of each type, total alerts by severity, and top network protocols. Additionally, iCEN provides risk scores for each site for easy prioritization of mitigation activities.

Centralized configuration

iCEN enables centralized, one-click distribution of up-to-date cyberattack recognition signatures to multiple iSID instances.

Management process according to IEC 62443

CIARA helps customers who are new to OT cybersecurity achieve compliance with ISA/IEC 62443 standards and optimize their cybersecurity spend.

Services provided by Safetech Innovations

Safetech Innovations offers complete services for the efficient installation and use of Radiflow solutions, both independently and integrated into complex security architectures, along with other complementary solutions.
Our services include:

Requirements analysis and system design

Requirements analysis and system design

Analysis of project objectives, requirements and constraints, identification of risks, design of integrated architecture, development of a detailed project plan for the integration of various components and subsystems



Delivering and installing products, configuring, testing, implementing and optimizing the integrated system, verifying that all components work together as planned, training system administrators on how to use the solution

Technical support and service

Technical support and service

Providing technical support and service to ensure the continuous operation of the system optimally, meeting the needs of the organization

Safetech Innovations is one of the most experienced cyber security companies in Romania. We have 12 years of activity and over 600 completed projects in this field for clients from multiple economic sectors.

Currently, Safetech Innovations employs over 60 employees, of which 40 are members of the technical team.

We completely manage the cyber security of clients, from the analysis of existing or potential threats/vulnerabilities and the assessment of risks and business impact, to the implementation of the necessary solutions in order to achieve an optimal level of security. In the long term, we ensure continuous monitoring of events and response to cyber security incidents.
Choosing Safetech's system integrator services ensures you reduce the risks of implementation, customization, scalability and flexibility, post-implementation support.