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HID DigitalPersona

Advanced multi-factor authentication solution

HID DigitalPersona is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that enables fast and secure login to Windows PCs, networks, and applications through biometrics, mobile devices, physical access cards, smart cards, and security keys. Combining security and ease of use, DigitalPersona supports the industry's broadest authentication methods, enabling a Zero Trust security approach.

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Solution overview

DigitalPersona allows the implementation of an optimal set of authentication factors, offering organizations a holistic approach to securing various corporate resources, but also components for clients and servers (single sign-on – SSO, Access Management API or Password Manager).

DigitalPersona is the ideal solution especially for the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, call center, police, or environments where multiple users need to easily and securely share the same workstation or user session.

Main functionalities

DigitalPersona provides multi-factor authentication, helping to implement an identity-focused Zero Trust security architecture for your employees, customers, and partners. In addition, it constantly adapts to constantly evolving security standards, technologies and industry regulations. The solution offers the following functionalities:

Password Manager

It securely stores the user's login credentials to various resources (websites, Windows apps) and allows you to use them quickly after the user is authenticated via MFA. For maximum security, optionally, passwords for accessing these resources can be created in a random way.

Self-Service Password Recovery

Recover user passwords through unique questions, created by users or preset by the administrator.

Acces Management API

Through the DigitalPersona API and Web API, it enables integrated deployment and full scalability both on-premises and in the cloud.

Web SSO (Single sign-on)

Allows integration of OpenID Connect or WS-Fed applications. The SSO App Portal is available on both Windows and mobile platforms. Customers have the option to remove all passwords.

Shared User Session Logins

Allows multiple single sign-ons of users on a kiosk terminal or in a shared session, in vertical areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, etc.

DigitalPersona Reports

Help meet compliance requirements by using Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) to collect security events and by using the Microsoft Power BI service for reporting.

DigitalPersona RADIUS with MFA

Allows MFA to be enabled for VPN, RDP Gateway, etc. with RADIUS authentication.​

Contextual authentication

In addition to the traditional set of authentication factors, DigitalPersona can be combined with Microsoft Sites and Services, adding authentication for contextual risk factors – time, speed, and location. They allow you to precisely tailor your security posture.

Key features

  • MFA for Windows: DigitalPersona enables the use of MFA technology, including passwordless authentication, to log in to Windows operating system, with the ability to combine up to 3 factors to meet the security needs of organizations.
  • Fast integration with AD: Integrates quickly and seamlessly with Active Directory (AD) using existing infrastructure and management tools.
  • Fast Kiosk Access: Enforces advanced authentication policies for workstations used by multiple users (such as kiosks), where users have individual credentials to access Windows and sign in to apps. HID DigitalPersona provides support for multiple kiosks and shared workstation environments.
  • Fast Login Recovery: Allows quick and simple recovery of credentials, from any location, through 3 methods: knowledge based questions, assisted recovery through a temporary access code or temporary password.
  • Federated & Non Federated Authentication: Integrates MFA into organizations’ federated applications through protocols such as WS-Fed, OpenID Connect, and SAML2P. Sample apps include Microsoft 365, Salesforce, SharePoint, etc. Also, integrates MFA with non-federated apps with DigitalPersona Web and DLL-based SDKs.
  • Assisted enrollment: Optional feature that allows the addition of an additional layer of security for validating the user’s identity, at the time of credential registration by an authorized person.

Main benefits of the solution

HID DigitalPersona brings the following benefits:

Secure access for all identities

DigitalPersona provides secure access for all identities in organizations, from employees to customers, suppliers and partners, with flexible authentication tailored to your security requirements.

Versatile authentication

DigitalPersona offers the widest range of authentication factors, eliminating user challenges while enabling organizations to adopt strong authentication modes without compromising user experience and productivity.

Fast and scalable deployment

Use your existing IT infrastructure to rapidly deploy DigitalPersona. Installation is done with minimal business interruptions and low costs. The solution natively supports Active Directory, Azure AD and Office 365, allowing you to reuse your Microsoft expertise.

Simplified administration

No proprietary tools are required to install and manage DigitalPersona.

Scalable and customizable security architecture

Designed to easily adapt to new authentication factors and standards, such as FIDO2, as they emerge.

Allows application integration

Integration is done through OpenID Connect, WS-Fed, or SAML2P protocols.

User-friendly interface

It features a user-friendly interface that allows for quick self-registration of credentials and enforcement of the authentication policy.

Services provided by Safetech Innovations

Safetech Innovations provides full support for the efficient use of HID MFA solutions.

Our IT security systems integration services include:

Requirements analysis and system design

Requirements analysis and system design

Analysis of project objectives, requirements and constraints, identification of risks, design of integrated architecture, development of a detailed project plan for the integration of various components and subsystems



Delivering and installing products, configuring, testing, implementing and optimizing the integrated system, verifying that all components work together as planned, training system administrators on how to use the solution

Technical support and service

Technical support and service

Providing technical support and service to ensure the continuous operation of the system optimally, meeting the needs of the organization

With 12 years of activity, over 600 completed projects and a team of over 30 experts, Safetech Innovations is one of the most experienced cyber security companies in Romania. Choosing Safetech’s systems integration services ensures you reduce the risks of implementation, customization, scalability and flexibility, post-implementation support.

We completely manage the cyber security of clients, from the analysis of existing or potential threats/vulnerabilities and the assessment of risks and business impact, to the implementation of the necessary solutions in order to achieve an optimal level of security.

In the long term, we ensure continuous monitoring of events and response to cyber security incidents.