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Microsoft 365 Defender

Advanced security for endpoint and hybrid identities

Microsoft 365 Defender is an eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) suite that automatically collects, correlates, and analyzes signals, threats, and alerts from across the entire Microsoft 365 environment, including end devices, cloud applications, and identities. The suite leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically stop sophisticated attacks and restore affected assets to a safe state.

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Solution overview

Microsoft 365 Defender blocks threats, stops attacks before they happen, and provides protection against breaches. Microsoft 365 Defender components secure an organization’s resources on multiple levels:

  • Endpoint devices with Defender for Endpoint
  • Assets/resources with Defender Vulnerability Management (DVM)
  • Email and collaboration tools with Defender for Office 365
  • Identities with Defender for Identity and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Apps with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps.

Main benefits and features

Microsoft 365 Defender offers the following benefits:

Facilitates the management and security of hybrid identities, simplifies access for employees, partners and customers

Enables the security of endpoint and network devices using multiple platforms

Provides centralized visibility into all information about detections, affected assets/resources, automated actions taken, and related evidence through the Microsoft 365 Defender portal

Ensures automated and integrated threat response: Critical threat intelligence is shared in real-time between Microsoft 365 Defender components to help stop an attack from evolving. If an infected file is detected on a terminal device protected by Defender for Endpoint, it will instruct Defender for Office 365 to scan and remove the file from all emails. The file will be immediately blocked across the entire Microsoft 365 security suite.

Initiates automated actions and AI-based playbooks to remediate the impact of an attack across the suite

Facilitates threat hunting: security teams can create their own custom investigations for raw data collected by different protection products (30-day history)

Integrates with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management): All Microsoft 365 Defender components can be integrated into Microsoft Sentinel and combined with other data sources to provide comprehensive capabilities and insights (feature only available on select Microsoft 365 plans).

Any Microsoft 365 subscription provides access to Microsoft 365 Defender components and functionality at no additional cost.

Microsoft 365 Defender components

Microsoft 365 Defender includes one or more of the technologies below, which can work individually or integrated:

Defender for Endpoint

Defender for Endpoint is a unified platform for proactive endpoint protection, post-attack detection, automated investigation and response recommendations

Defender Vulnerability Management (DVM)

DVM provides visibility, intelligent risk-based assessments, and integrated remediation tools to help security/IT teams prioritize and address critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across the organization.

Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

EOP is a cloud SMTP relay and filtering service that helps protect your organization against spam and malware.

Defender for Office 365

Protects your organization against threats in the form of email messages, links (URLs), and those from collaboration tools. Exchange Online Protection is integrated to provide end-to-end protection for incoming emails and attachments.

Defender for Identity and Azure AD Identity Protection

Defender for Identity uses Active Directory signals to detect and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insider actions against the organization, and also to protect the hybrid identity environment from hackers using compromised accounts for lateral movement between stations work on-premises.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Is a comprehensive cross-SaaS (Software as a service) solution that enables deep visibility, robust data control and enhanced threat protection for cloud applications. It protects the data that flows between the organization's environment and these applications, both authorized and unauthorized cloud applications.

Services provided by Safetech Innovations

Safetech Innovations has the experience and technical expertise to integrate Microsoft 365 Defender into any customer's security architecture to increase threat protection.

Services include:

Analysis of existing/potential threats and vulnerabilities,

Risk assessment and business impact,

Consultancy to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information,

Implementation of the necessary solutions in order to achieve an optimal level of security, which will maintain a healthy business in the long term,

Continuous event monitoring and response to cyber security incidents.

Safetech Innovations is one of the most experienced cyber security companies in Romania. We have 12 years of activity and over 600 completed projects in this field for clients from multiple economic sectors.

Currently, Safetech Innovations employs over 60 employees, of which 40 are members of the technical team.

Choosing Safetech's project integrator services ensures you reduce the risks of implementation, customization, scalability and flexibility, post-implementation support.