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Safetech Innovations Global Services

Safetech Innovations Global Services Ltd., the UK-based member of the Safetech Innovations group of companies, is an innovative cyber security provider dedicated to protecting organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art technologies and services.


Safetech Innovations Global Services shares a significant part of Safetech Innovations' resources, but has its own approach to the market and partner relationships. The company is part of Cyber Runway, the UK's largest cyber security accelerator, and is also an intercontinental partner of DriveLock, a German provider of preventive IT security solutions.


The UK office is managed by a dedicated team of cyber security professionals, each bringing a unique level of expertise and skills.

Anca <br>Stancu


Jay <br>Kay


Director of Technology


Global Marketing Director


From advanced threat intelligence platforms and behavioral analytics to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Safetech Innovations Global Services uses the most innovative technologies to improve clients' security posture without increasing complexity and cost. The company stands out for working closely with clients, providing personalized support, performing complex risk assessments and implementing customized strategies to ensure security and compliance with industry regulations.


The Safetech Innovations Global Services portfolio includes an extensive range of managed services (SOC-As-A-Service, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, red teaming, cyber security training, network and endpoint security, security API), as well as solution implementations from partners CrowdStrike and DriveLock.


Safetech Innovations Global Services Ltd.

Address: Plexal, The Press Centre, Here East, 14 East Bay Lane London, E20 3BS, UK

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Phone: +44 2039622112