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Safetech Partners with Multiple Local Chambers of Commerce to Bolster Cybersecurity for Small Companies

Safetech Partners with Multiple Local Chambers of Commerce to Bolster Cybersecurity for Small Companies

London, UK, 09 May 2024 – Safetech Innovations Global Services (Safetech) has invested in multiple local Chambers of Commerce memberships to provide further support to SMEs, which are often overlooked when it comes to cyber protection. The Southeast London and Bishop’s Stortford Chamber of Commerce provides leading industry support and mentorship to local businesses in the area, and we are thrilled to become members.

Bishops Stortford, established in 1919, proudly hosts over 80 businesses in the private sector as members, and the South East Chamber of Commerce, a pillar of the community since 1889, supports over 100 members. Safetech is thrilled to be bolstering these SMEs with our range of cyber security services, meticulously designed with the unique needs of smaller businesses in mind, providing a level of protection that is both comprehensive and tailored.

As part of our ongoing investment in the area, Safetech has also joined the level39 tech community ecosystem which means Safetech now have two dedicated working spaces in London, one in Plexal, East London, and one within level39, in Canary Wharf, as well as a global operation in Romania and the US.

Supporting SMEs is a campaign that the Safetech team embarked on in early 2024. We noticed that the accounting sector, particularly within the SME space, is considerably under-invested, with many accounting firms running legacy anti-virus programs that are not up to protect their critical infrastructure. Recently, Safetech launched a campaign to help smaller accountancy firms better understand the dangers they face from global cyber threats due to processing highly sensitive data at volume.

Through our newly developed memberships, Safetech is dedicated to supporting SMEs. We recognise their vital role in economic growth and innovation, and we understand that they are often overlooked when it comes to cyber security education and data protection. Our investment in supporting SMEs over the last six months has allowed more of them to focus on growth without the disproportionate burden of cybersecurity risks, fostering a healthier and more resilient business ecosystem.

We look forward to supporting our global client base while being here for SMEs of all shapes and sizes, regardless of industry or sector.

The Safetech Cyber Security Team

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