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Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) in security

Professional services of consultancy in security management


The security management consulting services delivered by Safetech Innovations have a direct impact on securing confidential data, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with current regulations. These services help organizations develop, implement and manage security systems and strategies more effectively.

Our security management consulting services are tailored to the specific situation and needs of each organization. Collaboration can take place on an ongoing basis, as a suite of projects, or as a one-off service intended to meet certain business objectives.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior executive responsible for managing an organization's information security program, with the role of ensuring that the organization's information resources are protected from internal and external threats and that the organization complies with relevant regulations and standards. For organizations that don't have the budget to hire a CISO, need an interim CISO, or plan to add some additional expertise to this key position, Safetech provides security management consulting services. As part of this efficient and affordable service, a Safetech’ specialist will work with the beneficiary, performing the essential cyber security management activities expected from a dedicated director.

Our services may include assessing potential risks, developing policies, procedures and controls to ensure compliance with a set of standards, building and managing internal security teams, conducting operational security risk assessments, obtaining threat intelligence and advice and support in case of crisis. As part of the service, the Safetech’ representative will analyze the organization's security posture, identify weaknesses and propose a long-term security optimization plan. Our security management consulting services provide you with technical, organization and coordination expertise.

The benefits of Safetech' security management consulting service

Security management consulting services delivered by Safetech Innovations provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Cost efficiency
  2. Technical expertise
  3. Flexibility – The service can be scaled and customized to current objectives, allowing organizations to increase or decrease workload as needed.
  4. Objectivity – Our consultant is not constrained by the internal politics of the client’s organization and will provide objective recommendations and guidance on security matters.
  5. Risk management
  6. Training – Safetech’ specialists have the necessary experience and expertise to carry out all their security management activities effectively. Your organization will have no training costs for this role. Our consultants can ensure your organization’s employees are aware of security best practices.
  7. Crisis Management – In the event of a security breach, our consultant helps manage the incident and ensure a quick and effective response.
  1. Decision support, efficiency and traceability through the use of our security management software – Our consulting service may include, at your option, a license of our security management software application, ISAM, which ensures:
    • Management of assets, services and business processes
    • Compliance: Monitors adherence to various regulatory standards, best practices and organizational security policies.
    • Vulnerability management: Shows a clear picture of your security landscape, with lists of vulnerabilities, remediation recommendations, historical data from periodic scans, as well as the representation of the evolution of your security score based on the identified vulnerabilities and their severity.
    • Management of security policies
    • Security risk analysis and management: management of security threats, non-conformity situations and exceptions.
    • Management of security events and incidents
    • Security Indicator Management: Ensures the definition and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs) and overall trends of the organization’s security posture.
    • Dashboard reporting and tracking, providing an overview of security levels.

Description of the service

The security management consulting services delivered by Safetech Innovations provide a structured approach to effectively achieve business objectives, supported by IT services, while meeting compliance requirements and keeping risks at an acceptable level.

Consulting services may include the following types of activities:

  • Reporting to the top management level of risks and non-conformities regarding information security;
  • Advising top management regarding risk management and information security;
  • Management of the information security strategy in accordance with the organization’s business objectives;
  • Managing the operationalization of policies, standards and procedures regarding information security within the organization, including their periodic review;
  • Developing risk analyzes and proposing risk management measures regarding information security, regarding the emergence of new threats or non-conformities with information security policies and standards;
  • Managing the catalog of information security risks;
  • Development and management of the information security awareness program within the organization;
  • Presentation of security policies, standards and procedures and security concepts to managers (IT, Business Owner);
  • Specialized consultancy within external audit missions;
  • Review of security policies, standards and procedures, work instructions following previous activities;
  • Monitoring the application of measures from audit reports and legal requirements (eg Law 362/2018);
  • Monitoring and reporting of security metrics (KRI and KPI) defined within the security program;
  • Monthly reporting of security activities and indicators;
  • Elaboration of information security requirements, based on business evaluations and the proposed architecture, within IT projects;
  • Validation of responsibilities within security policies, standards and procedures with designated managers;
  • Management of information security incidents;
  • Periodic evaluation of the level of maturity in information security at the level of the organization.

What recommends us?

The security management consulting services delivered by Safetech Innovations give you access to a team of professionals with 12 years of experience and over 600 completed projects in the field of security testing and consulting in a variety of industries (banking and insurance, energy, public utilities, government and public institutions, health, industrial production, retail, pharmaceuticals). Safetech's services integrate the expertise of our security systems integration and IT emergency response teams, helping you put your entire cybersecurity program on a fast track to maturity.

Our security management consulting service may include a license to use our security management software application, ISAM, which provides you with business process and IT systems inventory, vulnerability management, security risk analysis and management, incident management and security indicators.