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Breach and Attack Simulation
As a Service

Breach and Attack Simulation Services for Continuous Security Posture Optimization

Breach and Attack Simulation services ensure the evaluation and optimization of organizations’ security posture continuously, by automatically simulating thousands of threats and real attack techniques, across the entire cyber kill chain. The simulations are carried out safely, without business disruption, with the aim of both identifying vulnerabilities and assessing the severity of their exploitation and possible critical consequences.

Safetech Breach and Attack Simulation As a Service uses an extensive threat library that covers a wide range of network infiltration attacks. Constantly updated, it is managed by experienced Red Teaming professionals. Organizations can customize testing parameters by selecting specific categories of attacks (data exfiltration, lateral movement techniques, malicious code, etc.) and benefit from pragmatic insights to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Automated testing or manual testing?

Safetech Breach and Attack Simulation services are based on the Picus Security platform and are available through a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program. The automated testing provides the following benefits:

  • Faster detection of vulnerabilities: Security vulnerabilities in a system/network are identified and reported in a much shorter time, reducing the risk of them being exploited by attackers. Reports and alerts are generated as soon as vulnerabilities are identified, allowing for quick remediation actions.
  • Extensive coverage, protection against a wide spectrum of threats: Automation allows testing to be carried out on a larger scale and in a wider spectrum, covering more systems, applications and IT environments. The Picus Security platform is configured to detect a diverse range of vulnerabilities/threats, continuously updated, thus complementing manual testing, sometimes limited by the availability of the human resources and expertise. Additionally, automation simplifies the testing process, eliminating the need for staff specialized in ethical hacking.
  • Availability, scalability and efficiency: Being based on a cloud platform, Safetech Breach and Attack Simulation services are easily accessible and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. As a result, automated testing is scalable and can easily handle large volumes of data and extensive networks. Thus, organizations with complex IT infrastructures or those that are growing rapidly can maintain an optimal level of security, without compromising operational efficiency.
  • Uniformity and replicability: Automated testing ensures a high level of uniformity in the security assessment process. Test scenarios can be reproduced repeatedly and without variation, thus ensuring that all critical aspects are evaluated systematically and completely.


Safetech Innovations, in the role of consultant and integrator, ensures the optimal use of the Picus Security platform in Breach and Attack Simulation exercises, adapting to the requirements, infrastructure and IT applications of each client. Safetech's services include configuring Picus Security, interpreting reports generated by the platform, and advising on vulnerability mitigation tools. These services are available both one-time and on a recurring basis, as follows:

  • With the one-time option, organizations benefit from a complete cybersecurity assessment within a single project.
  • The recurring option consists of a monthly subscription, which provides access to proactive support from Safetech's cybersecurity specialists, in order to make the most of the Breach and Attack Simulation capabilities of the Picus Security platform.

Why Breach and Attack Simulation As a Service by Safetech?

The Breach and Attack Simulation services provided by Safetech Innovations are characterized by the following features:

Extensive consulting and support, before and after implementation

Safetech offers full support in all aspects related to Breach and Attack Simulation. Customers have access to advice from a technical team of experts in Pen Testing, Attack Detection, Forensics, and Red Team Operations. After the initial configuration and implementation of Picus Security solutions, Safetech specialists analyze the reports generated by using the platform, identifying weaknesses. Subsequently, in collaboration with the customer, Safetech proposes and implements mitigation measures.

Personalized approach

Safetech consultants analyze in depth the IT environment of each client, identifying the most appropriate Picus Security solutions and configurations. Through this business-centric approach, all customers benefit from the optimal use of Picus Security's Breach and Attack Simulation capabilities.

Access to Safetech CERT expertise

Safetech CERT is the first private Computer Emergency Response Team in Romania. CERT handles a monthly volume of over 100 billion events captured by monitored security solutions, and investigates an average of 12,000 security alerts/month. Complementary to consulting services, CERT optionally provides monitoring and incident response services, rapid intervention and mitigation in the event of a cyberattack to restore systems, test security controls, etc. Safetech's internal consulting, testing, monitoring and response teams cooperate to provide you with Breach and Attack Simulation services optimized for your context and requirements.

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