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ManageEngine AssetExplorer

IT Asset Management Solution

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that helps you monitor and manage assets across organizations' networks, from planning and acquisition to disposal. AssetExplorer provides you with a variety of ways to discover all the assets on your network. You can manage software and hardware assets, ensure software license compliance, track purchase orders, and contracts. AssetExplorer is easy to install and configure.

Solution overview

The first and most important feature of ManageEngine AssetExplorer is the ability to scan/discover all assets on the network. By discovering all assets, the solution enables efficient monitoring and management. AssetExplorer offers a wide range of asset scanning methods to guarantee the best results. The solution is characterized by:

  • Discovery and monitoring of software and hardware assets: Automatically discovers Windows, Linux, and macOS assets on your network with a unified agent. Monitor the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.
  • Managing the entire lifecycle of IT assets: Provides complete control over assets, throughout their lifecycle, and the ability to track asset owners. It thus supports informed decisions about hardware and software purchases throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Detailed reports: The reports can be scheduled, they are automatically sent by e-mail to the responsible persons. Allows obtaining customized reports (tabular, matrix, synthesis and audit reports) in HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV format.
  • Supporting procurement and contracting processes: Integrates procurement workflows to ease the process of generating purchase orders/licensing. Allows you to quickly define the details of a contract and automatically notify those responsible before the contract expires.

Main functionalities

The ManageEngine AssetExplorer solution works based on the following mechanisms:

IT Asset Inventory Management

The application helps you keep up-to-date information about all your assets by regularly scanning at the hardware and software level. With Asset Explorer, you track and manage any workstation or network devices, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX machines, Solaris, printers, routers, switches, etc.

Software License Management

Helps to understand software license compliance and avoid the use of unauthorized software within organizations. Allows you to take proactive steps to reduce illegal use and the problems associated with it. The solution handles all types of licenses (OEM, volume, CAL, concurrent, nominal, free, trial). Licenses for Microsoft, Adobe, and Symantec are preconfigured.

Software Asset Management

Scans the network and automatically discovers all the software available for each workstation. Managers can easily ensure their compliance by checking the software list.

Purchase Order Management

Ensures the identification of areas where expenses can be reduced, policy enforcement and the elimination of redundancies. Helps manage the entire lifecycle of a purchase order.

Asset Life Cycle Management

Manages the entire lifecycle of an asset, from acquisition to disposal. Allows the management of all the assets to be purchased, through Purchase Order Management, and, subsequently, tracks the hardware and software inventory.

Asset Tracking Software

Scans and verifies all workstations in your organization, connected via LAN, WAN, and VPN. Provides complete information about asset ownership, but also information about hardware and software inventory. It provides a clear picture of who owns a particular asset.

Key characteristics of AssetExplorer

  • Configuration Management Database, CMDB, enables centralized tracking and management of all IT assets, installed applications, IT services, people, and documents. The CMDB functions as an effective decision-making tool, playing a key role in analyzing the impact and determining the root causes for irregularities.
  • Relationship Map: The application is designed to enable the understanding of dependencies between assets, software and hardware, IT and business services, people and documents. The map helps to analyze the impact of these assets on the business and to identify potential causes that generate functionality problems.
  • Remote control: Allows taking control of any asset through remote access, as well as performing maintenance tasks.

Main benefits of the solution

By using AssetExplorer, companies obtain the following benefits:

Ensuring software license compliance

Achieve a high level of software license compliance with integrated software license management with access to real-time data and compliance graphs.

Maximize ROI, track purchase orders and contracts

You can maximise ROI on partner relationships with a supplier catalogue and match each supplier's products with pricing, warranty and maintenance details.

Reduce risk

Reduce your business risks through a complete analysis of the impact of incidents and changes, carried out with the help of a map of all dependencies and relationships between various assets. The map is available via CMDB.

Know the TCO of each asset

Have easy access to real-time IT asset valuation metrics through hardware and software dashboards, which provide an overview of all asset-related parameters, including details on the degree of over- or under-licensing of applications.


With AssetExplorer you have the possibility to integrate an unlimited number of technicians, 7,000 sites, 35,000 groups and 30,000 IT assets.

Services provided by Safetech Innovations

Safetech Innovations offers comprehensive services for the efficient installation and use of the ManageEngine AssetExplorer solution in various IT environments. Safetech ensures an optimal configuration for discovering all owned IT assets, hardware and software, and managing them throughout their lifecycle.
Our services include:

Requirements analysis and system design

Requirements analysis and system design

Analysis of project objectives, requirements and constraints, identification of risks, design of integrated architecture, development of a detailed project plan for the integration of various components and subsystems



Delivering and installing products, configuring, testing, implementing and optimizing the integrated system, verifying that all components work together as planned, training system administrators on how to use the solution

Technical support and service

Technical support and service

Providing technical support and service to ensure the continuous operation of the system optimally, meeting the needs of the organization

Safetech Innovations is one of the most experienced cyber security companies in Romania. We have 12 years of activity and over 600 completed projects in this field for clients from multiple economic sectors.

Currently, Safetech Innovations employs over 60 employees, of which 40 are members of the technical team.

We completely manage the cyber security of clients, from the analysis of existing or potential threats/vulnerabilities and the assessment of risks and business impact, to the implementation of the necessary solutions in order to achieve an optimal level of security. In the long term, we ensure continuous monitoring of events and response to cyber security incidents.
Choosing Safetech's system integrator services ensures you reduce the risks of implementation, customization, scalability and flexibility, post-implementation support.