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The safest choice for eliminating vulnerabilities and mitigating risks: cybersecurity testing services

The safest choice for eliminating vulnerabilities and mitigating risks: cybersecurity testing services

Cybersecurity is currently one of the main challenges facing organizations around the world. According to Cyber Magazine, at the end of last year, more than 46 million potential cyberattacks were detected daily globally (*).

A successful cyberattack can cause serious damage to the competitiveness, profitability, reputation, customer loyalty and trust of any organization’s partners. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to providers specialized in cybersecurity testing services.

Regular testing of security systems is one of the most effective and fast ways for organizations to detect vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. Through the services provided by specialists in the field, companies obtain not only a list of the problems they face, but also recommendations and actionable information on critical areas in which they need to intervene.

4 reasons to hire cybersecurity testing services

As IT systems are replaced or undergo changes, new vulnerabilities may appear in the IT infrastructure of any organization. Through systematic cybersecurity testing, they can be detected and remediated before an attacker or threat can exploit them. Working with a specialized supplier, such as Safetech Innovations, brings several important benefits:

  1. Risk management and mitigation – Ignored and/or uncontrolled vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a company’s infrastructure have the potential to expose it to real threats. At the same time, the use of partner applications and/or outsourced services induces additional risks. By using testing services, risks of this type can be detected, prioritised and remediated proactively. This way, organizations get improved protection from advanced threats.
  2. Cost reduction – In cybersecurity, preventing an attack is preferable to remedying its effects. Using testing services can reduce recovery and remediation expense and effort after a loss due to such an attack. On the other hand, not many companies have internally the skills, experience and tools to detect and treat potential risks. By using the services of a provider specialized in cyber security testing services, these limitations can be overcome quickly and with predictable costs.
  3. Limitation of downtime – Any disruption to a company’s network, applications, or services leads to decreased productivity. Periodic testing allows detecting and fixing configuration errors and vulnerabilities that can cause unplanned disruptions to workflows.
  4. Compliance with legal regulations – Today, more and more legal and regulatory standards and requirements require companies to conduct tests and audits of security systems. Currently, such requirements are provided for in PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIS Directive, National Bank norms, ASF norms etc. Through regular testing, companies obtain a verification and validation of the level of compliance. In addition, such specialized service providers also provide recommendations of actions for meeting the requirements of the applicable legal norms and the standards assumed by the company.

Complete infrastructure and application testing offer

Safetech Innovations is one of the leading providers of cybersecurity systems testing services in Romania. The company has conducted over 2,000 tests over 14 years of activity, as a result of which more than 10,000 vulnerabilities were identified.

Among Safetech’s clients are companies from the financial-banking industry, energy production, utilities, pharmaceuticals and health, insurance, etc., operating in Romania and abroad.

Over the years, we have refined and consistently apply a specific testing methodology. At the same time, we have constantly invested in skills development and we have a high level of expertise in this field. In our tests, our team starts from establishing critical assets that need to be protected for each client company. The testing phase allows the identification of flaws in organizations’ infrastructure and applications, which can range from misconfigurations to application design errors. The tests also detect malware threats that have managed to bypass protection systems. Each test conducted by Safetech specialists analyzes the impact of security threats or breaches on data privacy, integrity and availability. Testing is done both automatically, to detect vulnerabilities and malware, and manually, to check automated tests and identify possible existing errors.

Our company provides a full range of cybersecurity testing services which include:

  • Vulnerability scanning services – They verify both on-premises infrastructures and cloud environments and facilitate the identification of exploitable vulnerabilities and their rapid remediation..
  • Penetration tests – Our team has extensive experience in penetration testing and uses specialized equipment and applications. The offer covers from network penetration tests to mobile or web applications.
  • Software application code verification – Safetech specialists provide application code inspection services to identify potential vulnerabilities due to programming.

What recommends us?

Safetech Innovations is one of the most experienced cyber security companies in Romania. We have 12 years of activity and over 600 completed projects in this field for clients from multiple economic sectors.

Currently, Safetech Innovations employs over 60 employees, of which 40 are members of the technical team.

We have a team of certified specialists at the highest level in cybersecurity and with solid experience. We are also registered as a partner in the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP) and have numerous international accreditations.

For more information about Safetech Innovations services, practical demonstrations and commercial offers, we invite you to contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at +40 21 3160565.