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Webinar: Check Point Maestro – Hyper-scalability in Cybersecurity

Webinar: Check Point Maestro – Hyper-scalability in Cybersecurity

Check Point Maestro is a security solution unique in the industry, in terms of its scalability, resilience and efficiency. In combination with the installation, configuration, administration and technical support services offered by Safetech Innovations, Check Point Maestro successfully meets the current cyber security challenges of medium and large companies and organizations.

Safetech Innnovations recently organized a webinar dedicated to improving cyber security and streamlining IT operations with Check Point Maestro. Hosted by Mihai Rauță, Manager of Safetech’s Security Solutions Department, the webinar included the presentation of the Check Point solution and a demonstration of the scaling capacity.

Check Point Maestro: Features and Architecture

Check Point Maestro is a modern solution that contributes to strengthen the cybersecurity and simplify its management, which provides a broad functionality that include Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), IPS, DLP, IPSec and SSL VPN concentrators, URL filtering, application control, anti – virus, zero-day protection, email security and HTTPS inspection.

Within the solution, Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator/MHO distributes internal or external traffic across multiple Security Gateway Modules/SGMs (Quantum firewalls, for example) and manages them as a unified group by applying common security policies and configuration rules. Up to 52 security instances (SGMs) can be connected to an orchestrator, which can be assigned to security groups (Security Groups/SG) and can run various Check Point security solutions.

The solution is based on N+1 cluster load sharing and Check Point HyperSync technologies to provide resiliency and allow additional instances to be added through autoscaling functionality without service interruption. Thus Check Point Maestro can deliver, in on-premises scenarios, a level of elasticity and agility specific to cloud computing services.

Check Point Maestro is aimed at medium and large organizations, which can start with a basic format and which can grow in the future by adding Security Modules similar to the original ones or from a more recent technological generation.

The basic format, which includes at least two traffic processing modules, can be expanded up to 52 modules. This modular approach enables traffic scaling of up to 150 Gbps for a Checkpoint 6600 series security gateway or up to 1.5 Tbps for a top-of-the-line 28000 series security gateway. Moreover, if Check Point releases modules more powerful in the future, they can be added to the solution to obtain superior performance.

To see the presentation of the Check Point Maestro solution and the demonstration that captures the main configuration and autoscaling functionalities, we invite you to watch the webinar recording.

Benefits and added services

The Maestro solution offers:

• Hyper-scalability – static or dynamic performance increase, from Mbps to Tbps, by adding equipment to the solution without interrupting the services provided

• Centralised management – a single console for all Check Point hardware equipment for operational simplification and unified application of security policies

• Resilience – at a very high level, specific to the telecommunications industry.

Safetech Innovations is a Check Point 3 Star partner and delivers the Check Point Maestro solution as a “turnkey” system. The solution has low installation and configuration costs and a competitive price/performance ratio.

Associated services include:

• Design, installation, configuration, integration,
• Training for use by the beneficiary’s IT team,
• Technical assistance and service,
• Post-implementation consulting for optimizations.

Check Point Maestro is currently used by a number of companies and organizations in Romania, for which Safetech provides technical support. Safetech also uses Maestro to protect its IT infrastructure and provide its CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) services. Through its team of trained and certified specialists, Safetech, Check Point 3 star partner, has the expertise and experience to deliver Check Point Maestro systems on time and under quality conditions.

If you are interested in purchasing a Check Point Maestro solution or securing your organization’s resources in general, we invite you to schedule a discussion with a Safetech Innovations representative at [email protected] or by phone at 021 316 05 65.